Our firm

Our firm was established 18 years ago, and became an Ltd in February, 2005. In December, 2006, we relocated to a new, bigger site (400 m2), where we have been operating with a larger staff number since then.

Our main services include: industrial painting and adhesive technology appliances, as well as distributing and maintenance of the additional components to these appliances. In addition, we also specialize in manufacturing hydraulic, paint spraying and adhesive-carrying hoses.

Our contacts include approved vendor partners from Western Europe, thus providing our Hungarian clients a fully comprehensive service in all the segments of adhesive technology.

Our mission is to support and help our clients technologically, to update our clients’ present equipment and to coordinate engineering.

Our basic philosophy is that our clients should always be satisfied and come back to us when in need of help. Customer satisfaction carries an important message to the directors of other companies working in the same field. Consequently, these messages play the role of promotion for us.